early incoming (to 7:30am) – can get breakfast, the other – snack in 9:00am


Lunch – imported from the primary school, costs 52, – CZK, current schedule for the week is placed on the school board.

There is Dispenser with baby water in the playroom (hydration).
We also offer children’s tea with Czech honey and lemon.
Goat milk sweetened with maple/portion of meat/rice syrup or organic cocoa quality.


Bread + cottage cheese, vegetable spreads, butter, jam, honey, nut butter, sliced cheese, fruit/vegetables.
Organic fruit snacks + gluten-free biscuits.
Bio yogurt Hollandia flavored with maple / portion of meat / rice syrup + quality muesli with 70% chocolate + fruit.
Pudding / soy dessert / yogurt – cheese dessert + fruit + bread.
Buckwheat / millet / rice pudding flavored with maple / portion of meat / rice syrup, butter and organic quality cocoa + fruit.