About Kindergarten

We are open from 6:30 hod. to 18:00 hod.

We welcome all children from 6 months. From 6 months to 2 years children visit czech class with nurse, who takes care of them. Children can attend English morning programme from 2 years.

Our teachers mainly communicate in English.

Our kindergarten offers skiing, tenis, golf, swimming, salt cave visit, playing the flute, sauna, horse riding, visiting dogs. We lead up children to culture – visiting public library, museum, theatres, concerts, Bible reading. We alsooffer trips to ZOO, castles, planetarium, botanical garden etc.

To improve communication skills, a speech therapist comes to kindergarten three times a week.

Meluzínek can organise stay at sea and stay in the spa once a year.

Pre-school children can attend „Little School“ for first meeting with elementary school programme.

Afternoon acivities – sport, drama club, dance club, music group, art club, language lessons (Engish, Czech), Little School.

We can incorporate pregnancy exercise, preparation for childbirth, pregnancy massage.

You are welcome for weekend events like trips, visits, parades, parties, carnevals, fairytale nights and many more.

We celebrate every child´s birthday with a congratulations, birthday cake, present.

Before leaving kindergarten to elementary school we prepare a closing Ceremony.

Meluzínek offers summer camps, for external children as well.